Runtime Digital Transformation Pre-Inspection solution

From the shipbuilding & offshore to construction / EPC industry,
Realistic VR / 3D pre-inspection and simulation prevents additional losses due to design changes.

How is it possible?

We can avoid and minimize possible losses before
the manufacture through the real time pre-inspection and
bi-directional CAD interface which can be used together with
design manager, manufacture manager, quality control manager,
ship class inspector and ship owner supervisor.

How it work

Fist of all, extracts ship design models and information from CAD
and creates an inspection conference room.
Second, conducts pre-inspection meeting through the online VR.
Lastly, collects found problems and request when pre-inspection,
applies them back to CAD system.

Key feature

Native CAD data convert & lightweight models

- Large capacity 3D CAD models light
weight technology
- 3D Models & Drawing info. extraction
and mapping
- Large 3D rendering optimization

Multi-User VR Conference & Interactive VR

- Multi-User VR Pre-Inspection
- Material location change, precise
measurement and requirement
recording in VR
- Documentation & comment
management through voice

Bi-directional CAD Interface

- Reflect changes in VR directly to CAD
(Modification in VR are directly
reflected in CAD through mapped
drawing information verified by the
design manager)

Our team

Who we are

Shipbuildind / IT / Construction industry export team with 19 years of AVG experience  
  • Experience Design Planning & production planning in S.Korea famous Shipyard
  • Long time shipbuilding / CAD IT career
  • Rich field experience in shipbuilding and construction industry
Rich field experience
Understanding of industry characteristics

Contact us

  • contactus@toads.kr
  • +82 70 4632 0146
  • +82 10 4567 9896
  • 710ho Busan VRAR support center, 39, Centum seo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea